John Pusztay with his second 2017 spring gobbler!

John Pusztay with his second 2017 spring gobbler!



I was 14 years old when i called my first longbeard into range. After an hour and a half of exchanging yelps and gobbles the majestic bird appeared before me in full strut. His fan was the size of a billboard and his feathers shimmered with bronze in the morning sunlight. I would like to say I took that bird, but he escaped our encounter unscathed. It didn't matter, I was hooked...

About fifteen years ago, I decided to add a new dimension to my turkey hunting addiction and started building my own calls. I filled my tags that spring using a scratch box I had made from red cedar. Taking long-beards here in Western New York with my hand made calls has been an amazing experience. The only thing more rewarding is getting pics from successful friends and customers!

Please check out our shop for our current offerings. I will be offering diaphragms, scratch boxes, and pot calls as they become available.